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Our Philosophy

Human Touch Home Care believes that caring human relationships optimize the quality of life for older adults as they become frail and infirm. We are dedicated to building and nurturing those relationships. Our mission is to refer only the most caring and capable individuals to empower our clients in their pursuit of safe, happy lives in their own homes.


Read What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Cathleen was as indispensable to my wife’s care as her hospice nurse – more so since Cathleen was with her so much more of the time. She treated my dying wife with an infinite amount of dignity and gentleness, inspiring both my confidence and my courage to deal with a terrible and frightening time. Thanks so much for sending her into our lives.

    Mr. H., Philadelphia

  • Gladys is not just excellent. She is excellent plus. She does everything needed for my mom and she is upbeat and pleasant. We all appreciate her very much.

    Ms. R., Langhorne

  • I can’t say enough about how terrific Doreen is. She takes my mother to classes and concerts and texts or calls me frequently so we can plan outings. She is really in tune with my mother.

    Ms. N., Philadelphia

  • What in the world can I say about Wendy? She is wonderful. She is not my caregiver, she is my friend!

    Ms. S., Philadelphia

  • They are both terrific. I have known Merle for years and I would give her the highest possible recommendation. Hilda is wonderful. She does everything I ask and more. I like them both very much.

    Mr. K., Huntingdon Valley

  • I am ecstatic. It’s a difficult situation but your company let me go back to work and be comfortable. You are top notch. Both financially and in the care given, you guys really met the mark. My mom feels so comfortable with Sue. I am truly pleased. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Ms. B., Erdenheim

  • Ingrid is very professional in how she is able to coax my mother when she resists help in a way that is supportive. She always comes in with a smile and often holds my mother’s hand. It is wonderful to see. She is superb.

    Ms. S., Philadelphia

  • Cynthia was awesome. No matter what mood my mom was in she had a gift of communicating with her, and her mood would turn around and they would be laughing before you knew it.

    Ms. N., Levittown

  • Michelle knows my health issues and how to organize my schedule. She makes sure that everything in my apartment is situated so I can find what I need and she makes sure others are aware also. She understands the strategies needed to help a blind person who depends on knowing that everything is where it belongs.

    Ms. A., Philadelphia

  • Merline is very, very dependable. She communicates really well and if anything is out of the ordinary, she will contact me. I really respect her. Cathleen is very involved with my dad’s care and they have a nice rapport. We are grateful for the continuity of care we have. It is wonderful to have people we can depend on.

    Ms. H., Lafayette Hill

  • Judith is fabulous. She is an angel. I am so thrilled with who she is as a human being, how caring she is, how competent she is, how clear she is, how loving she is. All of those things. I think your rates are quite reasonable considering the combination of competency, care, and love. It’s priceless.

    Ms. J., Bryn Athyn

  • The caregivers are all great. They follow whatever guidelines we set. They do everything according to what is best for C., who always looks clean and beautifully kept. I am always confident that C. is in good hands.

    Ms. S., Wyndmoor

  • She helps me with everything and makes me delicious meals, including blueberry pancakes. I am supposed to walk around and when I sometimes forget she reminds me. I can’t find the words to tell you how wonderful she is.

    Ms. B., Philadelphia

  • Heather has been with us for a long time and she has been great. She goes above and beyond what I would expect. She goes shopping for my parents, takes them to appointments, reminds them to take meds, and when my parents resist help, she is able to take charge but in a respectful way.

    Mr. T., Philadelphia

  • Keisha does a great job. She always reminds me to take my meds, she is a good cook, and always asks me what I want. She is always on time, I can set my clock by her. Without her I am lost.

    Ms. W., Swarthmore

  • My mom is hard to please but she does not complain about Marlene. Marlene keeps my mom’s area clean and organized. She helps my mom bathe and prepares breakfast and lunch. We like her very much.

    Ms. L., Abington

  • Thomasine is a wonderful caregiver. She is cheerful all the time and helps brighten my mother’s mood. Thomasine has a sweet but firm nature and she is responsible and attentive. I wish we could clone her.

    Ms. H., Haverford

  • Stacy-Anne is wonderful: gentle, soft-spoken, and compassionate. There aren’t enough positive words to describe her. Ditto for Eva. She is over the top. I call her Saint Eva. We are very lucky with the help from Human Touch.

    Ms. K., Philadelphia

  • Rose is an angel from heaven. When she is not here, my dad asks, "Where is Rose?" We all love her. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful caregivers referred to us.

    Ms. T., Fort Washington

  • Antoinette is wonderful. She is a lovely person and good company and she is knowledgeable and cheerful. She is able to do whatever I need.

    Ms. F., Bryn Mawr

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Our Testimonial Archive

Read what our clients are saying about caregivers referred by Human Touch:

"Judith W., the Human Touch referred caregiver, is fabulous. She is an angel. I am so thrilled with who she is as a human being, how caring she is, how competent she is, how clear she is, how loving she is. All of those things. I think your rates are quite reasonable considering the combination of competency, care, and love. It’s priceless. I couldn’t be happier." -- Mr. J., Huntingdon Valley

"Ruguia is excellent. She follows directions well, has a lovely demeanor, and is very competent." -- Ms. H., Haverford

" I could not have done this without Cecile. She was what held it need people in your life who are remarkable and Cecile was remarkable. She is very caring and goes the extra mile all the time. This is one of the hardest cases we have and she took it graciously. I call her Saint Cecile." -- Stephanie S., care manager

"Marie (the HTHC care coordinator) has made my life so much more pleasant. She is a great representative for Human Touch. She has helped me in 10 different ways. It’s not easy having a husband who needs caregivers, but Marie has made my situation so much more bearable." -- Mrs. N.

"My wife and I were very blessed when Lowanna was sent to us. She is very dedicated and comes on time or early every week. She knows just what is needed to help me. This weekend she helped me organize photos for a celebration of my wife’s life. That was difficult for me but Lowanna was wonderful. She is an angel from Heaven." -- Mr. L.

"Antoinette has been wonderful to my mother, Alice W. I don't know what we would do without her. My mother's health has been improving due in no small part to Antoinette's care. I feel completely confident in having her here with my parents. It is just so good not to have to worry while she is here." -- Susan E.

"Val is really quite careful about so many things and if I call her, she comes to help me right away. And she is very patient. I am very grateful for that and really very satisfied with the care. Many people have commented how much happier I seem now. And that certainly makes me feel good too. Having Val has made a big difference." --- Cecile G., Rydal

"I just want to say 'Wow.' My mother's face lit up when she saw Selma. I couldn't have imagined a better fit. You've just taken my breath away." -- Mrs. B.

"Dad and I enjoyed meeting with you (Shawna, HTHC care coordinator). We feel like we made a new friend in addition to getting our questions answered. We have decided to go with Human Touch. The time you took with us and your genuine care and concern made it a much easier decision." -- Mrs. H., Hatboro

"Regina is exceptional in every way, shape, or form. She has a rare quality of being able to think of my uncle’s needs and my needs as a family caregiver. She is thoughtful and communicates very well with me. My uncle has improved dramatically since she has been taking care of him. I feel blessed to have Regina as a caregiver."

"Human Touch has been wonderful. I was so worried about my husband [being cared for, knowing I would be in the hospital] and Human Touch Home Care really came through for me. All the ladies you have referred have been very nice and well qualified." -- Mrs. N, Philadelphia

"Selma is an outstanding caregiver. She is smart, capable, and willing to provide whatever help is needed. We are extremely happy." -- Mr. Davis, Flourtown

"I have been thrilled with your services. Kecia is a wonderful, wonderful person. You could not have referred anyone better. I would recommend her to anyone. I want you to know that I have been extremely pleased with your services and I have been recommending you to everyone who asks where I got my help." -- Esther S., NE Philadelphia

"Shauna takes a lot of pressure off of me - doing things that I can no longer do. She is a really big help. She knows the apartment, knows us, and what we need." -- William L., NE Philadelphia

"I am very impressed with Lorie. She is sweet, kind, and I feel very confident with her care. She is just what we were looking for. My husband highly recommends Human Touch to those who would benefit from care at home." -- Deborah C., Blue Bell

"We are so grateful for the wonderful care that Naima, Cathleen, Sheree, and Andrea provide for Mom, and for your part in arranging caregivers for her." -- Ann S., Blue Bell

"My mother is just thrilled with Keysha. I have never seen a bigger smile on my mom’s face. I just wanted to let you know how pleased my mother is. Thank you." -- Scott B., Feasterville

"We love Dy-Neisha's personality, intelligence, and training. Her presence is very helpful to my wife." -- Mr C., Jenkintown

"Marilyn is absolutely, positively wonderful. She has the perfect mix of traits to care for my parents and they love her. I recommend your company to all my friends. The service you provide is excellent. We couldn’t be happier." -- Mrs. P., Southampton

"I just want to compliment you on your organization. All of the caregivers referred to my wife have been lovely, helpful, and kind. Miss. L. in particular is just the loveliest, sweetest person." -- Mr. K., Huntingdon Valley

"We love Marie and want to keep her forever. She provides wonderful care and companionship. We laugh together and our life is much less stressful because of the help she provides." -- Beth P., Philadelphia

"You can not imagine how pleased we are with Gwen. She is personable, kind, and takes the inititiative. Gwen is so important to our family and takes an integral role in organizing the care for my parents. The entire team (referred from Human Touch Home Care) we have is superb. It takes so much of the worry away from us." -- Judi F., Media

"Miss K. is very adept at providing care. She has a lot of initiative and offers to help without being asked. It is obvious that she respects and has empathy for the elderly. We are quite satisfied." -- Mr. C., Philadelphia

"Monika is a great caregiver who provides excellent assistance. She and my husband get along very well. She has been a huge help to us." -- Mrs. M., Langhorne

"Our Human Touch Home Care referred caregiver provides excellent care and is trustworthy and dependable." -- Paul S., Philadelphia

"Jill is a very, very good worker, has a lot of common sense & is very sweet, i.e., good natured and pleasant to be around." -- Paul S., Mt. Airy

"All of the girls you have referred to my clients have been fabulous. They go above and beyond. There are a lot of ‘hit or miss’ companies out there, Bess. But your company has come through for us every time. I have given your name out to one of our physicians. I wish I could clone Marie--she is wonderful with Mr. S.; and Tawanna has gotten my ‘hoarder’ to declutter. I don’t know how she does it!" -- Mrs. Y., Abington

"We are delighted with the care provided by Irene. She is excellent in everything she does and in an emergency she is calm and effective. We are pleased with all the caregivers who help my parents. They are a wonderful team." -- Judi S., Glenside

"We want you to know how grateful we are to you for the compassion you showed (our sister) and the special care you gave to her over the past year or more--what a wonderful gift that was." -- Sally Q., Lafayette Hill

"I am grateful for the support provided by Human Touch Home Care and am also pleased with the caregiver who is currently helping my mom. Doreen is a terrific caregiver and possesses all the qualities you could ask for. She has a good heart, is scrupulously honest, and provides wonderful care." -- Mrs. S., Philadelphia

"My sister was very impressed with Sandra. She takes initiative and she is very capable." -- Margie B., Haverford

"Cathleen was calm & polite, yet assertive. I was very impressed with how she handled the situation." -- Ann S., Blue Bell

"I can’t say enough good things about Diana. She is fantastic. She is really great and we really like her. Winnie and Keneisha are very nice too." -- Margie B., Haverford

"I highly recommend Evelyn, Kecia, Lowana, and Merle. They were all wonderful and great with my mother. Kecia was the absolute best. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I would be glad to give a reference for any of them if needed." -- Diane S., Oreland

"Louise has a very positive attitude, is good-natured, and has an excellent sense of humor. She is the perfect helper for me." -- Mr. M., Philadelphia

"Cynthia is awesome. She has a very special way of relating to my Mom, and, as a result, my Mom is comfortable and happy when Cynthia is here." -- Mr. L., Haverford

"Gerdine is capable of getting things done even when my mother is being stubborn and doesn't want to take her meds. She is a very kind lady." -- Carol A., Bala Cynwyd

"We love, love, love Jessie. She is very good with my parents. My dad has dementia and Jessie can handle his bad days very well. We hope she never leaves us." -- Judi S., Media

"Ingrid and Grace are excellent caregivers. We had a very good team. Thank you again for everything you did for our family." -- Mrs. L. S., Jenkintown

"Jessica is great a person. I am very happy with her. As you know, I’ve have had her for awhile and she’s a wonderful person." -- Doris G., Ambler

"Winnie is amazing. And while we were all in with my mom she was so great with my kids, made it nicer for them and us. I know why she is one of my mom's favorites." -- Sam C., Philadelphia

"I will refer Human Touch to anyone that needs help. You guys are the best." -- A. Williams, Philadelphia

"Tina is phenomenal, absolutely divine." -- Susie E., Lafayette Hill

"Miss K. is the most faithful, divine, sweet, considerate person. She’s wonderful and I’d have her anytime in a heartbeat" -- Miss E., Lafayette Hill

"Deana is a terrific person who provides excellent care. She and my wife have an excellent relationship. The service you provide is as good a service as I could possibly imagine." -- Mr. T., Philadelphia

"Paulette is good company for me, is very agreeable, and I always look forward to her arrival. She has been very helpful, and I can’t say enough about how special she is to me. Paulette has been just what I needed during a difficult time." -- Mrs. H., Philadelphia

"Your company is wonderful and the caregivers are great. My mother loves Naima and Naima loves her. They are a mutual admiration society. She is very sensitive to my mother’s needs and keeps the house in beautiful condition." -- Mrs. S., Philadelphia

"Miss. S. is so friendly and so confident. She fit right in from day one. She was a perfect match for my father and very attentive to his needs. He really likes her and they hit it off great. She even gave my mother and I pointers to make it easier for us during the week. She is wonderful and I would like to have her every weekend." -- Beth V., North Wales

"Jeanie is wonderful. She is more like a friend to my mother than a caregiver. She takes my mother out shopping and out for walks and my mother enjoys talking with her." -- Mike M., Willow Grove

"Thank you again for all your help in securing aides for my mother. It made her transition back to home life much easier for everyone and provided great peace of mind for my brother and me." -- Grant E., Spring House

"Mimi and I are extraordinarily grateful to the Human Touch Home Care caregivers for the help they have given to Susie over the past three-plus years. Altogether, they have been the most reliable and positive aspect of her life over this period after her stroke, as her circumstances have changed enormously, become much more difficult physically for her, and accelerated her emotional anxiety and confusion. We are so very grateful to you all" -- My best, Sally Q., Lafayette Hill

"Louise did a good job. She's a very pleasant person. She helped me quite a bit. We know who to call when we need help." -- Mrs. W., Lafayette Hill

"Carole is a hard worker and a very good cook". -- Mrs. L., Philadelphia

"It is a testament to the excellent care my father receives that he is still alive even after being on hospice care for a long period of time." -- Mrs. S., Philadelphia

"Thank you for your services. I have nothing but wonderful words of praise for Diane, Sandra, and Maura. Diane's sense of professionalism and responsibility is unsurpassed. Thank you again" -- Mrs. W., Philadelphia

"I know I can trust the people at Human Touch Home Care. Thank you for being so trustworthy." -- Susie E., Lafayette Hill

"First let me say thank you to all involved for your professional and prompt attention to my parents needs during my mothers' recent and present health issues. Irene has reacted so well through the time and as it is her first two weeks - she deserves high praise for how she has reacted to it all. Gwen, the night help, is also very good! Thank you - I leave this all in your most competent hands." -- Judi F., Media

"Stephanie is so sweet and so protective of me. My safety is her first concern." -- Mrs. D., Philadelphia

"I am so pleased with Human Touch. We loved everyone you have referred. I'm already telling others about your company." -- Mrs. S., Maple Glen

"I have liked every caregiver you have referred. This has been the best experience I've had. I have recommended you to all my friends..." -- Gail D., Philadelphia

"We are very grateful to Terry for her help. She is very competent and expressed genuine concern for my wife. If a reference is ever needed for her, we would gladly supply it." -- Mr. C., Philadelphia

"Marie (HTHC care coordinator) was a wonderful help, she gave lots of advice on things I wouldn’t have known, she is caring, confident and I am thrilled." -- Mrs. S., Maple Glen

"The HTHC aides have been a tremendous help. Wonderful people. Very attentive and personable. We couldn't be happier." -- Grant E., Spring House

"Cecelia is amazingly strong with endless energy, dedication, and skill. My husband is resistant but somehow Cecelia is able to convince him to accept the help he needs. She does everything for us, including cooking nutritious and delicious meals. We have never eaten so well. I hope she never leaves us because we value her so much." -- Mrs. D., Philadelphia

"It has been a wonderful two months...Paulette was wonderful. Mother absolutely loved Paulette. I went to work every day and didn't have a worry because Paulette was there. I am so grateful to you." -- Mrs. C., Lafayette Hill

"Stephanie seems like a great fit. She’s adorable, very sweet, very pleasant. Mom felt very comfortable. I see positive results so far." -- Maria C., Philadelphia

"Veronica arrived nice and early this morning and I gave her the briefing and the tour... Thanks again for your help. It is a tremendous relief to know Mom is under a good, watchful eye." -- Mr. E., Springhouse

"Andrea is absolutely delightful and very, very knowledgeable. I am an RN who has hired many nursing assistants and I would have hired her on the spot." -- Mrs. G. for her mother Mrs. F., Ambler

"The aides you referred to us were wonderful and the way you attended to my sister’s care by referring caregivers who were just right for her was wonderful. They all were very experienced, with great hearts and capability." -- Gillian G., Philadelphia

"All of the caregivers are very good and everything is running smoothly." -- Mr. T., Philadelphia

"Winnie is wonderful, very nurturing. I mention something needs done and she does it without hesitation. I feel very safe with her." -- Mrs. D., Philadelphia

"Things are going really, really well. My wife and Simret get along great. This is the best relationship with my wife and an aide in more years than I can remember." -- Mr. L., Wallingford

"I want to tell you how happy we are. My parents love their nighttime caregiver, Larose, and their daytime one, Anne. My father-in-law especially likes Selma, the German lady. He says she is highly-educated." -- M. K., Ardmore

"Elsa is very nice and pleasant and my mother had a smile on her face when she told me this." -- Daughter of Miss. F., Lafayette Hill

"Miss. B. is lovely and terrific. My husband liked her a lot and so did I." -- Mrs. O., Philadelphia

"We LOVE Andrea and Sheree and feel so lucky to have them there with Mom!" -- Ann S., Blue Bell

"I really appreciate the efforts of everyone at Human Touch Home Care. All the caregivers and the office staff have been great. I have nothing but positive things to say about your company." -- Mr. L., Philadelphia

"Selma was great! She was a lot of fun and caught on to things right away. Please refer her as much as possible!" -- Don T., Huntingdon Valley

"We want to let you know that we appreciate your services and your efforts during the time we needed help. We certainly will recommend your office for people like us. Thanks." -- Dr. L., Ann's Choice, Warminster,

"Daphne is as good as you said she was. She does a really good job with transitions (to other live-in caregivers who come to sub for her). She just does a very good job" -- Mr. M. H., Wayne

"Livie, Charmaine and Gwen are Terrific!" -- Gillian G., Mt. Airy

"I have recommended your company to other family members who may need help. We have been very pleased with Human Touch Home Care." -- William L., Philadelphia

"She (the Human Touch Home Care referred caregiver) is a lovely person. I love her dearly. We get along fine. I simply mention something needs done and she takes action immediately. She is wonderful. I have no complaints at all. She is always on time and she is willing to do everything. We have a fine time together." -- Donna G., Wayne

"She (the Human Touch Home Care referred caregiver) does a fine job. She watches TV with me and I like that. She bathes me, dresses me, gets me breakfast and dinner. Things are going very well." -- Mary D., Philadelphia

"Renel is very good, very reliable. She and my father are getting along really well." -- Miss. Peggy Z., Conshohocken

"My mother loves Jeannie. Today I saw my mother smile. I think that this is the first time I have ever seen my mother smile about a caregiver." -- Mike M., Willow Grove

"Shauna is so bright and cheerful. When she walks in, it is like a breath of fresh air. I'm serious. She is wonderful." -- Mrs. L., Elkins Park

"Inez made a great connection in a short period of time with my mother." -- Mrs. S., Chestnut Hill

"Marie is the best. My Marie does everything for me, before I even ask. Just terrific!" -- Mrs. L., Abington

"Marie gets my mom going in the morning and takes her out. I don't ever want to change caregivers, she's great." -- Beth P., West Philadelphia

"Gladys is so wonderful. She is always a saint - my dream caregiver. I'm so glad we found her. She's just lovely and I don't want to let her go. Everything is going beautifully." -- Mrs. H., Doylestown

Mrs. H called to tell us how thrilled she is with the help provided by Rosy L. She described Rosy’s cooking as delicious and said that her home is filled with an "irresistible aroma from the delectable meatballs Rosy prepared". Mrs. H. ended by saying, "Rosy is an amazing woman and I am so happy that you have sent her to me" -- Mrs. H., Philadelphia

"I had a very good experience with HTHC and the referred caregiver Jackie. I will call Human Touch the next time I bring my mother to town." -- F. R., Philadelphia

"I love the energy of Human Touch Home Care." -- Mrs. S., West Philadelphia

"I appreciate the attention to detail and your follow-through." -- Michael, Wayne

"Thank you! The caregiver situation is so good right now with both Mary and Jessie, we just hold our breath hoping it will last - they are both very caring and professional. Jessie in particular is unusally good at care initiatives for the house and my parents. That is not to take away from Mary at all - she is a dear. I suspect Jessie's age gives her a little more confidence to at least ask us about needed changes in the routines. We are very very pleased with both caregivers." -- Judi, Ambler

"Sally was beyond spectacular." -- Mr. P., Jenkintown

"Miss. B. is an excellent caregiver who is very thoughtful regarding my mother's needs. I am never worried because I know I can depend on her." -- Ms. C., Jenkintown

"My caregiver and I can talk a blue streak. We have a good relationship that way. I think I hit the jackpot." -- Mrs. P., Jenkintown

"Your office staff at Human Touch Home Care have been a superb and warm liaison through a very stressful process." -- Mrs. L., Ambler

"Ivona is red hot at cooking! She is the 11th of 13 children and she cooks when they all get together." -- Mr. J., Philadelphia

"The entire group of caregivers range from very good to outstanding and we are glad to have any one of them. In particular, Nicole M. is a boon to my wife and me. And permit me to commend you (the Human Touch Home Care care coordinators) for the scheduling job you are doing." -- Mr. M., Jenkintown

"I really appreciate how very patient (the Human Touch Home Care staff) has been in dealing with the many issues regarding my uncle’s care." -- Mrs. K., Glenside

"Diane is a self-starter who communicates very well. She gets along really well with my uncle, they laugh a lot, and she is excellent company for him." -- Nina, Ambler

"Miss. S. is very sweet, very nice. She is very good company; I really enjoy her company very much." -- Mrs. D., Philadelphia

"I'm calling to thank you and compliment you on the wonderful scheduling that you did. It takes skill and experience which I see that you have." -- Mr. M., Glenside

"Whenever the topic of caring for the elderly comes up, I never miss the opportunity to recommend Human Touch Home Care. You have been a wonderful support for us and more than we could have hoped for. Your service is the best and that is what we want for our Mom." -- Mrs. S., Lafayette Hill

"We would like to have Lorraine cloned." -- Mrs. T., Philadelphia

"We have been thrilled with Human Touch Home Care's service. The rates are reasonable and the caliber of caregiver has been wonderful. We would be happy to give you a reference if you ever needed one." -- Mrs. B., Lafayette Hill

"We thank you for all of the special caregivers who have helped Mom and for Human Touch Home Care's excellent service. Everyone made a difference and helped Mom through a difficult time." -- Mr. G., Lafayette Hill

"Thank you for the wonderful referred caregivers and for the truly personal and wonderful care that the caregivers offer. Human Touch Home Care has been a godsend to us." -- Mrs. J., Philadelphia

"Shelly has been very significant in getting my mother so well, improving her memory, etc." -- Mrs. G., Philadelphia

"I'm in awe. How do you refer such good caregivers? How are you able to refer such good caregivers so quickly?" -- Mrs. G., Philadelphia

"I want to thank you guys for everything you do. I really can depend on you." -- Mrs. B., Philadelphia

"Thanks for your rapid response to our request. Lorraine has been very helpful and gracious." -- Mrs. D., Philadelphia

"My mother has had a complete turn around regarding her view of an in-home caregiver. She just loves Winnie - she has a sense of humor, she doesn’t hover and she respects her privacy. They really get along well. Thank you so much." -- Mrs. L., Holland

"We are very grateful to Carol for her help. She is very competent and expressed genuine concern for my wife. If a reference is ever needed for her, we would gladly supply it." -- Mr. G., Philadelphia

"Jackie is an angel and I don't know what I would do without her." -- Mrs. L., Plymouth Meeting

"Marcia is responsive, pro-active, and seems to strike the right tone in being encouraging without being 'too directive.'" -- Ms. G., Warminster

"We have been very pleased with the care your caregivers have been providing. Ms. T. is phenomenal. Ms. L is wonderful. All the caregivers you have referred have been wonderful." -- Mrs. B., Lafayette Hill

"Irene is very sweet. I feel very secure leaving her with my parents. Let her know that I rave about her." -- Mrs. P., Philadelphia

"Novelette is very kind and patient, she really takes a load off my mind." -- Mrs. M., Willow Grove

"Miss C. is a star. She is a really, REALLY good caregiver." -- Miss. S., Philadelphia

"I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with Robertha. Robertha is a wonderful caregiver and an all round wonderful person. You know, when you have someone come in to take care of you, you worry, 'Is it going to work?'. With Robertha, I knew it was right, right away! I am very happy with the care I am receiving." -- Mrs. G., Jenkintown

“Marcia is wonderful. My mother adores her. She is a perfect match for my mother." -- Mrs. H., Doylestown

“Rejeana is an excellent caregiver who is capable, dependable, and trustworthy. She and my mother are perfect together as Rejeana has a sense of what is appropriate for my mom. Rejeana provides companionship but also respects my mom’s privacy. She is like a member of our family." -- Mr. W., Montgomery Township

"Michelle takes very good care of my mother; They have a good bond. She legitimately cares for my mother. Her efforts and care are sincere." -- Mrs. J. S., Strafford

"You could not have picked a better caregiver for me. Louise and I just clicked." -- Mrs. T., Ambler

"My patient, Mary D., has made a lot of progress in physical therapy and I attribute most of her success to the efforts of her caregiver Cecile. Cecile is an outstanding home health aide. If I had a Cecile for every one of my patients , my job would be a lot easier." -- Mr. B., Physical Therapist at Fox Rehabilitation

"Rose is tops. She is very pleasant, does everything I ask, and provides excellent care. I don’t have the words to express how much we value her help." -- Mrs. B., Philadelphia

"Cynthia is a great caregiver. She is absolutely dependable and trustworthy and has a really nice way about her. She always comes in with a smile and pays particular attention to my mom. I appreciate her so much." -- Mrs. N., Levittown

"Although my mother was difficult in the night, Miss. M. handled things very well." -- Mrs. K., Wyncote

"Once again, your staff was so wonderful and found us help quickly. Shauna could not have been nicer, no matter how many times I called her for plans that kept changing. All three of the aides were so kind, patient, and caring, and my Mom was upset and, I know, challenging. My sister noted that Hana especially was incredible - actually 'awesome' and 'amazing' were the words she used and my Mom actually cried when she left. Thank you again for your assistance and terrific staff!" -- Sincerely, K.G., Lafayette Hill

"Analissa is delightful. She is very conscientious, arrived early, and picked up on something with my mother that no one else noticed. She is very nice and she gets an A+ from my mother." -- Mrs. D., Ambler

"Things are going very well with Miss. A. She is very good and skilled at what she does. Things are going great. She caught on quickly to my care routine and I feel very safe with her. I would recommend her." -- Dr. C., Plymouth Meeting

“We are happy with the help provided for my aunt. We find Diana to be a diligent worker, an excellent cook, and a fine companion. Diana is very much in tune with my aunt’s needs and has notified me of any changes that may be a concern." -- Mrs. W., Philadelphia

"Both Ms. H. and Ms. T. were unbelievable caring and amazing in a difficult situation with my mother. Thank you so much." -- Mrs. G., Lafayette Hill

"Miss. H. and Miss S. were both spectacular... beyond spectacular." -- Mr. P., Philadelphia

"I can’t recommend Human Touch Home Care highly enough. You guys have been great and jumped thru great hoops for us. The caregivers have been wonderful." -- Mrs. K., Lafayette Hill

"Miss S. was a very big help to my mother and the hospice nurse. They worked very well together. I feel very comfortable with Miss. S. taking care of my mother." -- Ms. M., Secane

"It's miracle work that you do, to be able to refer such a wonderful caregiver so quickly." -- Mrs. K., Abington

"I really appreciate you jumping through hoops to get my mother's caregivers to her house to be with her so quickly." -- Mrs. G., Lafayette Hill

"I am very happy with your company. I tell people about Human Touch all the time." -- Mrs. M., Abington

"My caregiver is TOPS." -- Mrs. W., Springfield

"We are very pleased with our caregiver. She is the perfect fit for Mom." -- Mrs. M., Abington

“We couldn’t have done this without you." -- Mrs. M., Dresher

“I am grateful for every minute Hyacinth is here. My mother is thriving since my father died. Hyacinth is up bright and early fixing my mother something different for breakfast every morning. I just can’t tell you how grateful I am." -- Miss H., Philadelphia

"I like Miss. S. She's funny. She always has good stories to tell me." -- Mrs. H., Abington

"Christine is very sweet. My mother has really taken to her. Christine is very gentle; just what my mother needs." -- Mrs. K., Lafayette Hill

“My mother's caregiver, Regina, is really wonderful. She is a big help to my mother and our family." -- Mrs. W., Philadelphia

"We would like to recommend Miss. R.C. as a helpful, tender, highly intelligent caregiver... Anyone who receives help from this lovely caregiver is lucky, indeed." -- Dr. and Mrs. P., Philadelphia

"I love Ms. C. I am very pleased, her and I are more like friends." -- Mrs. G., Philadelphia

"Miss. C is a remarkable help. Thank you for introducing us." -- Mr. M., Philadelphia

"Over the past six months we have had many caregivers from several different companies. The caregiver who is with us now, Cordelia, (the HTHC-referred caregiver) is exceptional." -- Mr. H., Philadelphia

"I just wanted to let you know that Miss. G is terrific. She really is truly wonderful. She works so well with me, she anticipates my every move. Thank you so much for introducing us." -- Mr. M., Philadelphia

"My caregiver is a very sweet person and very cooperative. She works to help me wherever and however she can." -- Mrs. M., Glenside

"Ms. B was wonderful. She and my mother established a bond right away. If mother ever needs care again, we know who to call." -- Mrs. G., Philadelphia

"My mother loves both the Human Touch Home Care caregivers. They take wonderful care of mom and I really enjoy their company." -- Mrs. N., Abington

"Mr. and Mrs. T. really like Miss. S. She is so helpful and her presence is so pleasant and calming. Thank you very much for referring such a terrific caregiver." -- Mrs. S., Ambler

"Rose is like part of the family." -- Mrs. S., Philadelphia

"Delrose gives great care to my wife. She keeps our home tidy and is a joy to have around." -- Mr. T., Elkins Park

"Laverne is an excellent caregiver and my wife really likes her. Every time she comes to work here she has proven herself to be kind, thoughtful, and smart." -- Mr. T., Lafayette Hill

"We would like to recommend R. C. as a helpful, tender, highly intelligent caregiver. My husband appreciated Miss. C's kindness, competence and sense of humor. She could not have been a more companionable presence in our home. Anyone who receives care from this lovely woman is lucky, indeed. We feel privileged to have spent time with such a wonderful caregiver. Thank you." -- Dr. and Mrs. D., Philadelphia

"Thank you so much for referring such a wonderful caregiver. She has a wonderful sense of humor, everything about her is wonderful. Thank you." -- Mrs. P., Philadelphia

"Thank you for having such competent and pleasant caregivers." -- Mr. Henry S., Philadelphia

"Pat is wonderful. Truly wonderful. She cheers me up with a smile when I feel sad and always has a positive attitude and a cheerful something to say." -- Mrs. W., Glenside

"Jessica's work was excellent in all areas and I am very pleased with the care provided by both of my mother's caregivers." -- Mr. W., Ambler

"Laverne is excellent and my wife really likes her. Every time she comes to work here she has proven herself to be kind, thoughtful, and smart." -- Mr. T., Lafayette Hill

"Our caregiver, Miss. M, does an absolutely excellent job. She is an amazing human being. We think of her as a member of our family." -- Marcia, Elkins Park

"Human Touch Home Care is so responsive. We requested a caregiver for night service and that same day a wonderful caregiver was referred to care for our client. Human Touch Home Care is so responsive to the needs of our clients." -- Mrs. S., Care Coordinator

"Connie is a wonderful caregiver. During my wife's illness we have encountered a lot of different people, nurses, therapists, etc. and Connie is the best caregiver I have ever seen." -- Mr. T., Philadelphia

"Dee is the best. I have told her how wonderful I think she is. We get along well and she knows just what to do." -- Mrs. H., Philadelphia

"Miss B. did a beautiful job. There is nothing she could have done better. She was a huge comfort to me and my wife in a time of need." -- Mr. M., Elkins Park

"Diana is wonderful. Simply wonderful. She is like a sister to me." -- Mrs. P., Philadelphia

"Terry is wonderful. She is the best cook in the U.S.!" -- Mr. T., Abington

"Miss L. is wonderful. She anticipates my every need and is a joy to have around." -- Mrs. W., Abington

"I wanted to write and express, on behalf of my family, how pleased we were with the experience we had using the Human Touch Home Care Registry. I learned about Human Touch Home Care from an ad in the local newspaper. I got a good feeling from you from the very first phone call we had together. You were confident and knowledgeable and guided us in an area we had no experience in... Through all the months of health issues with our parents it made it easier to know that we could call Human Touch and feel confident that we were not going to have any problems. Again, thank you." -- Mrs. S., Ambler

"I have never seen two people work better together than Hyacinth and Marcia. Both caregivers are wonderful with my parents. You know that elderly people are only as good as the Registry that is helping them, and Human Touch Home Care is amazing. If the elderly have good care, they can literally have more years of life. I see this with my father. My father is thriving under the care of these amazing caregivers. Thank you." -- Mrs. H., Jenkintown

"Miss. M. was 100% good - a pleasure to have - very efficient." -- Mrs. A., Abington

"I am writing to commend your home health aide, Miss K., for the excellent care she provided to FLC member, Mrs. F. The caregiver started the case on a holiday, July 4, with short notice from this Care Coordinator. She was described by Mrs. F as “a breath of fresh air,” always taking a positive point of view and always with a smile on her face. Miss. K. provided direct care assistance to the member while working out solutions to seemingly minor tasks that become big challenges when an entire upper extremity is completely immobilized. She provided steady encouragement and support for meeting the member’s daily needs. I would also like to take note of your own responsiveness and positive approach to a request for care on short notice. You were indeed a pleasure to work with and a fine representative of your home care company, Human Touch Home Care. Thank you." -- Mrs. S., Care Coordinator

"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful caregivers you sent to my home to care for my mother. Louise was here the longest and became part of our family for life. Louise became my mom's best friend while here. Mom was failing because she wanted to be with her husband, John. For her it was time, for me it was not. Dawn came at a moments notice to stay overnight with my mom. I did not want mom alone while sleeping either. Dawn, too, is part of our family. Your caregivers were so kind and made me feel like family, too. I could not have done this without your caregivers and your staff. Human Touch Home Care is a top Registry! Thank you again. Please share my thoughts with everyone." -- Mr. and Mrs. P., Jenkintown

"Thank you so much. Rose and Diana are like part of our family now. You always referred wonderful caregivers to my parents and I really appreciate it. If you ever need a reference for Human Touch Home Care, feel free to use my name." -- Mrs. S., Abington

"I was just calling to tell you how wonderful Merline was. She did one terrific job. She really has become part of the family. Really terrific." -- Mr. M., Lafayette Hill

"Sally really goes above and beyond. My mother and her are like sisters." -- Mr. P., Jenkintown

"Ms. Barnes is wonderful. She is a huge help to me and her and I get along wonderfully." -- Mrs. F., Philadelphia

"Miss J is a love. She is such a gentle and capable caregiver, she is one of my favorite people." -- Mrs. K., Jenkintown

"Sally far exceeds my expectations." -- Mr. M., Abington

"I just called to tell you that I am grateful for the care given to my mother by Louise, Claver, Naomi, and Arlene. They were caring and compassionate. They were the best." -- Mr. B., Philadelphia

"Marcia was amazing. She kept everyone calm and knew exactly what needed to be done." -- Mrs. B., Jenkintown

"Hyacinth is a beautiful person. Before she came I was lonely and scared, but now that she is with me I am safe and I feel confident. And she fixes me delicious meals." -- Mrs. P., Philadelphia

"I’m calling to let you know how incredibly happy we are with Annette's care of my mother. She was wonderful. She moves slowly, she really helped my mom and we just clled to say, 'Thank you.'" -- Mr. B., Abington

"Mrs. B and I thank you very much for the caregiver you referred. Venice was very hard working and efficient. Mrs. B and family liked Venice very much. Thank you." -- Mrs. T., Chestnut Hill

"Monique was wonderful. She stayed calm in an emergency and she did everything right. Thank you for referring such wonderful caregivers." -- Mrs. M., Springfield

"Human Touch Home Care provides such a wonderful service. I know my mother is in good hands because every caregiver you have referred to us has been excellent." -- Mrs. S., Bala Cynwyd

"Cecelia is attentive, gives good feedback, communicates well with the family and is very good caring for Mrs. N." -- Mrs. M., Levittown

"A word of thanks to your company -Human Touch Home Care. I have been so pleased with my caregivers. They are attentive, caring, professional, and always pleasant. Please let them know how much they are appreciated." -- Mrs. S., Wyndmoor

Thank you for not only the beautiful sympathy card but for the care and attention you gave to our Aunt. Human Touch Home Care will always be fondly remembered by our family. You must know that you have two gems in Cynthia and Annette! They were always very professional and compassionate as they faithfully and patiently attended my beloved Aunt. I cannot sufficiently praise the quality of your exemplary professional service, which is well named Human Touch. Most gratefully yours," -- Ina, Philadelphia

"Diana was magnificent! She understood and genuinely liked my sister, and she was a tremendous help for me in assessing her needs and inabilities. Thank you for referring such a wonderful caregiver." -- Mrs. K., Montgomery County

"I have a very peaceful life here and I am happy to remain in my home in surroundings that are familiar. Your service provides a wonderful opportunity for people like me." -- Mr. H., Villanova

"Louise takes excellent care of me. Our personalities are compatible. When I feel down, she inspires me because she is upbeat and fun. I don't know what I would do without her. I want to thank you for referring Louise to me." -- Mrs. K., Mt. Airy

"Louise is wonderful you know, simply wonderful. She must be one of the best caregivers ever!" -- Mrs. B., Springfield

"We are grateful for the care provided by Human Touch. It allows us to keep our mother in her home and that is what she really wants." -- Mr. H., Strafford

"Having care from Human Touch is a life saver for me. Both caregivers are punctual, self directed, caring, gentle and wonderful." -- Mrs. K., Philadelphia PA

"I called just to say that my caregiver is tops, she is highly efficient, always goes the extra step, does more than needed and does it with a smile on her face." -- Mrs. A., Haverford

"Thanks, I appreciate the care you show in choosing aides for my members! I visited with the T's today and everything is running so well. I appreciate all of Human Touch Home Care's hard work!" -- Joyce, Care Coordinator

"Thanks for everything you and the Human Touch Home Care caregivers do for my mom, she is very happy with the ladies and I think she has blossomed with their care and friendships." -- Mrs. S., Dresher

"I couldn’t ask for anything more. My aunt is happy and comfortable. She has been bedridden for a long time, yet her skin is in beautiful condition and there is not a sign of a bed sore. I have to give all honor to the ladies who help us. I rave to all my cousins who may need help in the future so that they know about the quality care Human Touch Home Care provides." -- Mrs. M., Ambler

"I want to thank Human Touch Home Care for putting together such wonderful care for my parents. It is because of you, and the wonderful work you do, that I am going to be able to go home to New York. I am able to go home, knowing that my parents are being very well cared for." -- Mrs. H.

"Just a note to thank you and Human Touch Home Care for all your care and consistency of service. You helped provide a sense of comfort or "sleep factor" ...I could always trust the caregivers you referred... Many thanks." -- Janet, Montgomery County

"My Aunt's Human Touch Home Care caregiver is so wonderful and does so much for my Aunt. I feel as though the caregiver has given me my life back." -- Mrs. R., Havertown

"Wendy is a very good advocate for her clients." -- Mrs. D., Ambler

"Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you so much from all of the family for doing such a wonderful job in arranging such lovely people to look after my mom. With all best wishes.." -- Mrs. J., Gloucestershire England

"Hyacinth is a perfect match for my parents. Of all the caregivers we have used, she is the best caregiver we have ever had. Things were getting desperate here and we were sinking until Hyacinth arrived. I can finally relax. I am so grateful to you. YOU DID IT! I'm just sorry it took us so long to find Human Touch Home Care." -- Mrs. H., Doylestown

"Grace was wonderful. She was assertive in a very caring way and always found things that needed to be done. I really enjoyed our time together. I was so lucky to have had such a wonderful caregiver referred to me." -- Mrs. S., Jenkintown

"Carol is very calming, soothing and talkative. Thank you." -- Mr. W., Elkins Park

"I was glad to speak with you today regarding the excellent care that Shirley and Hyacinth gave to my late mother, Mrs B. Both ladies were punctual, professional, and knowledgeable, but most importantly, they were sensitive and respectful in their care of my mother who was suffering from compression fractures and dementia. They were supportive and kind to Mom and also to her grieving children, friends, and neighbours. I will always be grateful to Shirley and Hyacinth for what they did for our family. You are very fortunate to have them on board. Some people have a gift for dealing with the end of life, and Shirley and Hyacinth both possess it. Yours Sincerely," -- Cyndy J., Philadelphia

"Thank you for the wonderful caregiver you quickly arranged to take care of my sister after her major surgery. You smoothly accommodated all the changes due to her changed release date and were quick to answer all our questions. It was wonderful to be able to reach someone at the Human Touch Home Care office at all hours. I live out of state and I feel as if my sister now has some relatives living nearby." -- Mrs. G., California

"Human Touch Home Care comes highly recommended. The caregivers from Human Touch took excellent care of my friend's mother. She could not speak more highly of the caregivers you provide." -- Mrs. M., Philadelphia

"This is the first time I have been through something like this and everyone has been professional and caring. My mom loves Tanya and Melba." -- Judy G., Warminster

"My caregiver, Ms. R., is so quiet and so caring...she is always there when I need her." -- Mrs. S., Elkins Park

"Nicole is wonderful. So sweet and kind. I look forward to seeing her each day." -- Mrs. B., Devon

"Mr. F loves his caregivers. You have put together a great team. Kudos to Human Touch Home Care." -- B. G., Care Manager

"Grace has been trustworthy and a great help to us for almost two years ....Mearl has been great and she has such a happy attitude, she makes life fun when she is around...I highly recommend both caregivers...Human Touch Home Care has been very helpful and I would give Human Touch Home Care Registry a recommendation as well." -- Janet C.

"My brother passed away yesterday...I have to thank the caregivers...You were great from the beginning...I can't thank you enough." -- Mr. R., Philadelphia

"Through Human Touch, I was blessed to be sent Ms. Lorna to support me in my personal care. Ms. Jackson is truly professional in all her actions and attitudes, helpful & supportive but not 'smothering' - allowing me to realize my capability for self-care post surgery - empathetic, and a pleasure to be with. I truly enjoyed her the 2 days that she was with me; she helped me figure out how to be independent. For company sake I'd have enjoyed her company the balance of the five days, but that is not a good use of her time and talents. I would recommend her to anyone and I trust that you already recognize her outstanding qualities." -- Sara P., Rosemont

"Monica is a wonderful, wonderful person. I had a very difficult surgery and she has made my life so much better with her comforting, pleasant and helpful ways; she fixed me grits for breakfast just the way I asked her to, tidied up, did the laundry, listened while I played songs for her on my piano and tucked me in at night. I can't tell you how wonderful she is." -- Mrs. W., Wayne

"My Mom has been stable, improved and thriving. We owe this to you and the wonderful care that Mom receives. Lucille continues to make a profound difference in our lives." -- Ms. M., Dresher

"Claver is terrific. I want her for the rest of my life! Thank you for sending such unusually nice people to me." -- Mrs. B., Philadelphia

"Carla is an angel. She takes care of me, fixes my meals, and gardens with me. I don’t know what I'd do without her." -- Mrs. C., Paoli

"My Dad likes Ena. They are getting along well. We are happy to have her in our world. It has taken a huge burden off of me." -- Susan D., -- Lafayette Hill

"I can’t say enough about Merle. She was with my husband when he passed and stayed to comfort me. And Nicole was the only person who could make my husband laugh. Everybody you referred was good, but Merle, Nicole, and Shereise stand out in my mind. You certainly do a good job vetting the people you refer. This could have been so difficult for me to go through, but keeping my husband at home was an excellent experience and the right thing for me to do. If you ever need a recommendation for your company, I want to be first in line to write a letter." -- Mrs. H., Ambler

"Tameka is an angel; I can’t wait to see her in the morning. You should have more Tamekas." -- Mr. P., Philadelphia

"I just wanted to thank you and your organization. You were wonderful. It was really a comfort to have really good quality care for my mother while she was at home...I will be recommending you to anyone who is in a similar situation...and will give Anne a glowing recommendation any time." -- Mary, Oreland

"Mary is caring, watchful and attentive.  I feel so lucky that I got Mary." -- Mrs. B., Norristown

"I am just calling to thank you for finding Sally. She has become part of the family, great with my mom...we are just glad to have her. Thank you." -- Mr. P., Elkins Park

"Thank you so much for all your care and attention to my mom's needs. We were blessed by having Rose for so long and Nicole was a favorite as well. I appreciated your diligent search when time was of the essence. You always came through. I've recommended Human Touch Home Care to many. Keep up the good work and thank you." -- Mrs. J., Glenside